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ScaleSafe for Ice Machines

Why is hard water buildup a problem in ice machines?

  • Scale buildup creates clogged water lines and nozzles.
  • Hard water buildup leads to the corrosion of water fed equipment.
  • Scale deposits can cause cubes to be cloudy.
  • Scale buildup limits equipment output capacity.
  • Scale insulates the cooling system causing increased energy costs up to 50%.

What are the ScaleSafe benefits for ice machines?39ec23_9132889e21184bd79811abf2d9100037

  • No more clogs due to scale formation
  • Increases life of equipment
  • Increases equipment efficiency
  • Lower utility costs to make ice
  • No electricity needed for ScaleSafe unit
  • Does not have any moving parts
  • No water softener needed
  • Protects equipment from corrosion