Commerial/Industrial Units | ScaleSafe

Commerial/Industrial Units

The ScaleSafe units are designed with simplicity and practicality in mind. There are no settings needed, no electricity required, and no guess work in when the cartridges need replacement. When applied correctly, ScaleSafe units will consistently feed product over the life of the cartridge. A simple glance at the housing lets one know when replacement it needed. All of the systems come in clear or translucent housings. The product will slowly dissolve over time, and cartridge changes take a couple of minutes. Each of the units come complete with delivery head, housing, and mounting bracket.


The 65,000 gallon water volume treated is ideal for small commercial applications. The SHF-605 is ideal for any commercial application where the water flow rate averages 2-8 gpm and does not exceed 15 gpm.

The 135,000 gallon water volume treated is ideal for small commercial applications.

SHF-410 / SHF-415
These units are for commercial and industrial applications where high water usage is expected. The up to 1,000,000 gallons of water treated allows for less frequent cartridge changes. Commercial water heater and cooling tower applications are ideal for these units. Maximum flow rates depend on water pressure and in/out size (1″ or 1½”).

Please observe the minimum average flow rates for these units. Treat the water flow rate, not the line size. Just because the line size is 2″, does not mean that the flow rate equals the minimum water flow rate required.